From time to time our gadgets tend to develop faults and these faults are gradual and inevitable but can be limited and controlled. The way we handle our laptop many a times determine how long it lasts, faults it develops and how long it may stay before the laptop gets damaged. So it is very good we do checks from on a regular basis on our laptops so that we can detect early signs and service it promptly. I will be writing on Laptop Safety And Repair Tips

Hard Drive Damage

The hard drive is where we store our essential data, information and files so that we can view, pull them up and transfer those files when ever we need them. A damaged hard drive is just like a damaged micro SD. When a hard drive is damaged, files will be lost either temporary or permanently depending on the extent of such damage and the technician involved in retrieving the data.

Signs of a Bad Hard Drive
• Repeated disk error and constant crashing of program crashes
• Noises from the laptop
• Blue screen
• Error messages while using a program
• Overall poor performance, hanging and slow response rate.

Causes of damaged hard drive
• Failure of the hardware
• Firmware corruption
• Virus
• Human error
• Heat and hot temperature
• Water damage

Quick tips
• First and foremost, check if another hard drive will work perfectly in your laptop.
• Also check if your hard drive will work in another laptop
• After confirming that the hard drive is faulty, reassemble the computer files from the damaged hard drive fragments in the absence of file-system metadata.
• Take to a computer engineer for fixing.

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Screen Damage

Sudden screen damage is painful and frustrating especially when we are heavily using our laptop for an important task. Screen damage can be gradual or could just show a blank screen all of sudden.

Signs you may encounter include
• Cracks on screen
• Distorted images and coloring
• Backlight problems
• Screen becomes blank
• Laptop Screen Repair

Causes of screen damage may include:
• Falling from heights.
• Lying on the laptop.
• Age of laptop

Quick tips:
1. Be sure the problem is from the screen and not any other internal problem like failures from graphics card, CPU and hardware.
2. Try to connect that laptop to an external screen so as to be sure that the issue is from your laptop.
3. Then take that laptop to a reputable laptop repairer.

Battery Issues

Have you ever used a laptop with a damaged battery before? That laptop is as good as a desktop computer because once light is off, that laptop is off. Bad battery aren’t good for a laptop’s health. Imagine using a laptop which discharges its fully charged battery under 20minutes?.

Signs that shows that your laptop’s battery is bad or damaged
• Short battery run time
• Constant shutdowns without prior information
• Replacement warning
• Overheating of the laptop
• Failure to charge the battery

• Charging with inferior chargers
• Buying substandard batteries
• Water spillage
• Over usage
• Age of laptop

Quick tips
• Most laptop batteries have a maximum of two years warranty so we get ready for it’s replacement after the speculated warranty time or even less.
• Try using that laptop without a charger and see it works perfectly
• Try another battery (same type) on your laptop and check if it works perfectly fine.
• Test that damaged battery on a laptop similar to yours.
• Replace the damaged battery

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Charging Port Damage

Have you ever plugged your laptop to charge and it refused to charge? You know how disappointing it is right?.
Signs that may mean damaged charging port
• The jack is affected by jiggling
• Physical damage to jack
• Issues with charging

Causes of damaged charging port
• Voltage fluctuations
• Charging with cheap and fake chargers
• Laptop age

Quick tips:
• Be sure the problem is from the charging port by testing another charger on your laptop
• Take your laptop to a trusted laptop engineer for servicing.

USB Port Damage

It is easy to detect a damaged USB port. When ever you try plugging your USB device to your laptop and a particular ports keeps giving you issues in detecting the device, then that Port is likely to be damaged.

Signs of damaged USB Port
• Devices fail to be detected
• Physical damage
• Error message is displayed for the device

Causes of damaged USB port
• Failure to dust our laptops regularly
• Poor servicing and maintenance culture

Quick tips
• First and foremost, dust the laptop
• Try other ports on the laptop, also try to use another USB cord on the port so as to be sure the problem is from the USB port.
• Take the laptop to a reputable laptop Engineer

Water Damage

When water has contact with our laptops, it can cause damage on it especially if the water spillage is excessive

Signs of Water Damage
• Residue of water on screen
• Discoloration
• Corrosion of screen

Quick tips
• Always put your laptop in protective case
• Keep off reach of children
• Avoid fluids coming in contact with your laptop
• If you are buoyant enough, go for water resistant laptops.
• Once water spills into your laptop, dismantle immediately and sun it. If you can do that, take it to a reputable phone repairer.

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Memory Upgrades

Maybe your laptop’s memory needs an upgrade. Memory upgrade of RAM and hard disk ROM are essential because with time, we install more programs and files and over a long time, the memory might get filled.

• Hangs many a time.
• Partial loading of pages
• Reduced performance
• Stops responding
• Issues with multitasking
• Regular messages about low memory.

Quick tips
• Uninstall unused apps, excessively large files and programs you don’t use regularly.
• Constantly check the amount of free storage left on your hard drive
• Check for system upgrades.


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