Have you ever wondered why your gadgets doesn’t last so long before it starts to develop faults? Have you also noticed that some people’s gadgets last more than yours? And you’re wondering what maintenance culture they could have taken? Wonder no more as we’re here to reveal to you mistakes gadget users make.

There are things we do that make our gadgets have a shorter life span. In this article, we will be writing on 13 mistakes gadget users make even without knowing it.

1. Avoid not putting your gadgets in protective cases.

Protective cases help protect your gadgets from scratches. When your gadgets are always on protective case, the external beauty of that gadget is preserved even after months or years of usage.

Protective cases can also reduce the effect of damage that would have been inflicted on that gadget especially when it falls from heights. Get a laptop bag to safeguard your laptop when not in use.

Also, don’t forget to protect your screen by putting screen-guard on them.

2. Avoid placing your gadgets on heights.

Many a time, we make this mistake of placing our gadgets on high tables, cupboards, beds, etc.

Have u asked yourself what would happen to that gadget if it happens to fall from such height? Have u asked yourself if you have the energy to start repairing that new gadget?

So to avoid such stories, you must be conscious of heights. You must always make sure that you don’t place your gadgets near the end-surface of that table, cupboard, beds etc.

3. Direct contact of sunlight with your gadgets.

Do u know that so much of sunlight contact with your gadget can cause the display colors on it’s screen to fade away and reduces the lifespan of that gadget? Do u also know that your gadget battery will give up it’s charge faster if it’s in direct contact with sunlight for a prolonged period of time? So to avoid all these, you should operate your gadgets away from direct sunlight.

4. Always Avoid over heating-up of your gadgets.

High temperatures especially when above 86°F can be disastrous to your gadgets in the remote future. Also, batteries deteriorate under prolonged heat. A confined heated gadget can cause a variety of problems and ultimately permanently damage to the gadget’s panel.

Normally, gadgets emit heat so don’t place your gadgets (laptop) on your laps or your bed because this blocks the ventilation of that gadget.

So it’s more ideal to use a laptop stand though modern age gadgets are now built to put protective mechanisms when there is high increase in temperature.

5. Non removal of dusts.

One of the mistakes gadget users make is negligence to dust their gadgets on a regular basis.

With time, dusts penetrates into your gadget’s panel through the gadget’s openings and these dusts can reduce the cooling effect of your gadget thereby causing overheating and future damages on the gadget.

Dusts can also reduce your gadget’s performance and can make your keypads get stuck. Try as much as possible to dust your gadgets on a regular bases especially when you start noticing some un-regular heating-up by dismantling and cleaning it up yourself or consult your closest service center.

Also dust the surface of your gadgets regularly be it your televisions, laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, music players etc.

6. Voltage fluctuations.

What is voltage fluctuation?
Voltage fluctuation is the constant variation of voltage. Excessive of this can lead to damage of your gadgets. It can also lead to the destruction of the gadget’s charger and gradual deterioration of the battery cells.

So to avoid this, it’s better to buy a quality UPS so as to protect your gadgets.

Also make sure that your gadgets be it your television, laptop, phone, are not plugged directly to the socket but rather to a quality adapter or surge.

7. Avoid buying Cheap, ultra fast chargers; avoid buying cheap and untrusted batteries.

Many a time when our laptop or phone battery or charger gets damaged, we are tempted to buy cheaper ones maybe due to insufficient funds at our disposal at that moment but have we cared to asked ourselves the aftermath of buying such chargers and batteries?

Have we asked ourselves what damage those cheap and ultra fast chargers and batteries could cause on our gadgets?

Do you know that a fake battery can make your gadget to blowup, explode, catch fire and cause some degree of burns or even burn down the whole house?

Do you also know that a fake charger can cause slow charging, excessive increase of charging rate but yet discharges faster, damaging of charging port, overheating of your gadgets, battery damage, burning of socket, explosion of device, fire outbreak?

So now ask yourself if it is worth the risk? Your life, your expensive gadgets, your properties could be gone for just buying a fake charger and battery. So it is best to buy a well recommended battery so as not to avoid all these risks associated with buying substandard ones.

Buy quality batteries and chargers and don’t look at the price while buying them because it’s worth it.

8. Charging and using your gadget?

Often times, people ask this question to know if it’s safe to use your gadget while charging It.

The answer to this question might not be straight forward because it depends on the design of that gadget. Gaming laptops and high RAM phones for example are designed in such a way that they can resist overheating.

But on the general, charging and using your gadget can cause slow charging rate, over heating, Electrocution, damage of charger and cords, brain damage, blowup of gadget(depending on the design of phone and charger).

So we should be safety conscious while charging and using our gadgets.

9. Don’t always wait for your battery to be low before charging It.

Sometimes due to our addiction to our phone, we often forget to charge them. Or maybe due to the fact that we are very busy with stuffs on our phone, we wait till midnight till we charge them. Or due to over procrastination, we most times don’t charge our phones as at when we should.

This is not good and could have a gradual after effect on the batteries. It is recommended that we should recharge at least 30%. Our battery percentage should always be between 40%-80%; as this helps to strengthen the battery’s life.

It’s always worth to know that recent gadgets stop charging at 100% with the help of an inbuilt battery controller but we should still try to unplug at 100%.

Also endeavor to discharge your gadget’s battery to 0% at least once in 3 -4month to rid of excessive charges.

10. Don’t be absent minded or careless while using your gadget.

Boo-yah we are now on number 10 of mistakes gadget users make even without knowing it
It’s best to pamper your gadgets same way you pamper your pets as this will make them last longer.

Many a time due to our carelessness, our gadgets often fall off our hands and this alone could lead to it’s damage or screen breakage.

We must also make sure that we put off our gadgets and keep them safe before going to bed; if possible, we should avoid operating it at late night while lying on the bed because many a time, we sleep off while operating these gadgets and this isn’t good for the health of that gadget and for you too.

Make sure your laptops are always in their bags when not in use. Make sure that your phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, audios are also on protective cases, screen guard etc.

Don’t allow kids to play close to your television set; only allow them operate your gadgets on close supervision.

11. Failure to password your gadgets.

Make sure your gadgets are always on password for privacy purpose and to avoid hacking of social media accounts, bank accounts, private pictures and videos, secret documents and avoid unauthorized usage of your gadgets.

12. Sharing files from untrusted devices into your gadgets.

Sharing of files from untrusted devices like storage devices e.g. flash drive, external hard disk; or from other gadgets like phones, laptops, cameras, tablets into your own gadgets can transmit computer malware(virus) which in turn leads to some malfunctioning of the gadgets over time.

13. Failure to have antivirus on your gadgets.

The last but not the least on “13 mistakes gadget users make even without knowing it” is failure to have antivirus on our gadgets.

Viruses can attack your phones, laptops, tablets and corrupt some precious files, reduce your gadget performance, shrink-up memory space, corrupt OS files thereby creating issues during booting.

So having a very good and trusted antivirus for your gadgets is the best bet.

Hope our article on 13 mistakes gadget users make even without knowing it was helpful?

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